12.09.2018: One Lesson of Math – Unit Review

Today’s soundtrack is Space Junk is Forever: Space Junk is Forever, a really cool progressive synth rock album. It sounds like what could happen if Tangerine Dream and Dream Theater collaborated. Amazing stuff!

This afternoon, I’m on to the final assignment before I can write this unit test. In this unit, I’ve been working on quadratic functions. I’ve learned the following:

I needed to review a few concepts:

  • If I start with the graph of y = x² and want to make congruent parabolas in different places, I can do the following:

    • y = (x-2)² will be two units to the right

    • y = (x+2)² will be two units to the left

    • y = x²-2 will be two units up

    • y = x²+2 will be two units down
      The interactive quadratic function app on intmath.com helped me a lot with understanding this concept, and it runs a heck of a lot faster than my calculator does!