02.13.2019: One Lesson of Math – Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions With Monomial Denominators, Part 3

Today’s soundtrack is Dream Theater: Dark Side of the Moon, part of their “Official Bootleg” collection. Being a fan of both prog rock and metal, I picked this CD up at their concert when they came to Vancouver in 2006.

I’m finally back on my feet this afternoon after being pretty sick for the past few days. There’s nothing that makes one appreciate good health quite so much as being ill, is there?

This afternoon, I’m continuing to work on the assignment portion of this lesson on adding and subtracting rational expressions with monomial denominators. I made it approximately halfway through the assignment last time; I have seven more questions to work on today.

I got ‘er done! Woohoo! It’s nice to be on my game again.