12.19.2019: One Chapter of Nonfiction – John Calvin's "The Institutes of Christian Religion"

Today’s soundtrack is Swingset Champion: Therefore, an EP that I bought at a Battle of the Bands competition circa 2006; I later tried out for their band as a bassist.

This evening has already been productive; I had a nice dinner with my family, then went out and shoveled the snow for half an hour. Now, I’m reading the seventh chapter of John Calvin’s The Institutes of Christian Religion, “The Witness of the Spirit is Necessary to Make Certain the Authority of Scripture.”

We must recognize the Scriptures for what they are: the words of God. But on what grounds are we convinced of this? “Its best authentication,” says Calvin, “is the character of the one whose Word it is” (p. 42). Though one can make arguments proving the existence of God, and further proving that the Bible is the Word of that God, arguments do not bring man to faith. Conviction of the truth by God’s Spirit is the only way to be truly convinced of the truth, inerrancy, and authority of God’s Word. “Until [God] enlightens [our] minds, [we] are tossed about on a sea of doubts” (p. 43). For “no one can understand the mysteries of God except those to whom it is given” (p. 45).