A Prayer on the Way to Work

Dear Lord, as I work today, let me act with patience and understanding as I lead those who have been assigned to me, and let me act with flexibility and obedience as I follow the directions of those who are in leadership over me.

In all things may I act in wisdom. In all things may I have humility. Fill me with Your love, and let me share that love with all those around me; and in everything I do, may I bring glory to Your Name alone. 

Lord Jesus Christ, You became a sacrifice out of love for Your bride, the Church; let me love my wife with that same love. Father God, you delight in Your children and love them with unconditional love, ever drawing them to Yourself; let me love my children with that same love. Holy Spirit, attract my heart so that I may love only that which is holy.

God, bring my family into the Catholic church – my wife through confirmation, and my children through baptism and confirmation. And let me, by Your grace, remain strong in my faith in You until the end – living a good life, and dying a good death, that one day I might join You in heaven and see You face to face.

God, please reconcile the schism between the Eastern and Western Churches, and bring our Protestant brothers and sisters back into full communion with the Catholic Church. 

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



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