04.24.2019: One Lesson of Math – Trigonometric Equations and Identities, 3/6: Trigonometric Identities, Part 1

Today’s soundtrack is Dream Theater: Falling Into Infinity, probably their most radio-friendly album. You may have noticed that this series is titled “Trigonometric Equations and Identities.” So far, we’ve been working with equations; today, we’ll be learning about trigonometric identities. Let’s start by differentiating the two. An equation is only true for certain values of […]

03.05.2019: One Lesson of Math – Transformations, 5/5: Combining Transformations of Functions

Today’s soundtrack is Dream Theater: Octavarium, an epic prog-metal masterpiece. The title track is of particular note, clocking in at nearly 25 minutes and featuring an incredible performance by the band. I’ve spent the past few days learning how to modify a function’s equation to reflect it, translate it, and expand or compress it. Today, […]

12.09.2018: One Lesson of Math – Unit Review

Today’s soundtrack is Space Junk is Forever: Space Junk is Forever, a really cool progressive synth rock album. It sounds like what could happen if Tangerine Dream and Dream Theater collaborated. Amazing stuff! This afternoon, I’m on to the final assignment before I can write this unit test. In this unit, I’ve been working on […]

11.10.2018: 30 Minutes of Songwriting

Today’s soundtrack is Dream Theater: Black Clouds and Silver Linings. It’s a bittersweet album for me; it’s the final Dream Theater album that had Mike Portnoy playing drums. This morning, I created an original VCV Rack modular synth setup: It has a two-voice first and fifth chord pad, and a major scale arpeggio. I used […]